Curriculum Vitae

"As the seconds pass with your eyes scanning the intricate details of the artwork, the drawing comes to life. You begin to see the controlled frustration of the fire that has disfigured the paper with its heat while being held at bay by the artist. "

Christopher Rosewood
European Confederation of Art Critics

Selected exhibitions:



1974| Gallery Waldorf, Antwerp, Belgium – Solo Exhibition



P.O.C. Eindhoven, Holland – Solo Exhibition
Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland – Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibition
Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland – Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibition
2005| Oudekerk, Internationaal-Artists, Amsterdam, Holland - Group Exhibition
1997| CoBrA Museum, Amstelveen, Holland - Group Exhibition
1976| Rijksmuseum Vincent Van Gogh, Amsterdam, Holland



1977| Art Hall of Wasa, Finland – Solo Exhibition



1995| City Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark – Solo Exhibition
1978| Gallery Gammelstrand, Copenhagen, Denmark – Solo Exhibition



Gallery Safray, Tel aviv, Israel – Solo Exhibition
2011| Migdal Hamayim, Nahariya, Israel – Solo Exhibition
2010| Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel – Solo Exhibition
2009| Hanita Museum, Israel – Solo Exhibition
2006 Open-Air Museum, Old Jaffa, Israel



2008| Gallery Alternativ, Paris, France – Solo Exhibition
1994| Three months at the “Yellow House” in Provence, France – Solo Exhibition
1992| Working in Monet's garden in Giverny, France 


2000| City Hall Berlin, Germany – Solo Exhibition


2013| London Art Biennale, England - Group Exhibition
2013| Gagliardi Gallery, London, England - Group Exhibition



2015| Biennale Chianciano, Italy - Group Exhibition
2013| Museo d'Arte e Scienza, Milano, Italy - Group Exhibition
2011| Biennale Chianciano, Italy - Group Exhibition
2011| Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy - Group Exhibition
2010| Galleria De’ Marchi, Bologna, Italy - Group Exhibition



2011| Izmir Biennale, Turkey - Group Exhibition


2013| Moya Museum, Vienna, Austria – Group Exhibition


Image top left: Self-Portrait - Oil painting by Meir Salomon
Image on the right: Meir Salomon's work at the London Art Biennale in 2013
Image bottom left: Untitled - Oil painting by Meir Salomon